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Definition of bide:

  1. To dwell; to inhabit; to abide; to stay.
  2. To encounter; to remain firm under ( a hardship); to endure; to suffer; to undergo.
  3. To remain; to continue or be permanent in a place or state; to continue to be.
  4. To wait for; as, I bide my time. See Abide.


live, pause, continue, sojourn, delay, stick around, quell, reside, stop, rest, abide, detain, stomach, stay, linger, endure, wait, bear, stick out, await, lodge, outride, watch, tarry, stay put, put up, ride out, stand, stay on, confront, anticipate, support, dwell, persist, digest, appease, stick, expect, suffer, tolerate, inhabit, remain, last out, brook.

Usage examples: