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Definition of big wheel:

Synonyms for big wheel:

nibs, custard pie, flume, big leaguer, pooh-bah, magnate, big gun, bigfoot, carousel, notability, high wire, eminence, honcho, personage, figure, nawab, lion, big top, head honcho, big enchilada, someone, bigwig, big cheese, ferris wheel, clown, big, heavy hitter, a force to be reckoned with, mover and shaker, muckamuck, character, high-muck-a-muck, mogul, nob, big fish, big-timer, heavy, notable, big deal, somebody, big boy, heavyweight, bumper car, leading light, dignitary, kingfish, major leaguer, fat cat, hoop, important, VIP, prime mover, muckety-muck, kahuna, big shot, wheel, biggie, nabob, leader, authority figure, kingpin.