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Definition of bitterly:

  1. In a bitter manner.


wailfully, inconsolably, shrilly, wretchedly, sorrowfully, displeased, annoyed, hardly, mad, cross, unhappily, put out, fed up, torrid, ardent, lugubriously, intense, irritated, upset, dolefully, plaintively, emotional, bitingly, tempestuous, passionate, bitter, with bitterness, mournfully, hysterical, ruefully, regretfully, histrionic, belligerent, angry, impassioned, dolorously, piercingly, soulful, sadly.

Usage examples:

  • He laughed out bitterly.

    - "Under a Charm, Vol. II. (of III) A Novel", E. Werner.
  • Alice Attwill smiled bitterly.

    - "A Butterfly on the Wheel", Cyril Arthur Edward Ranger Gull.
  • She felt herself turning on him, bitterly.

    - "Caribbee", Thomas Hoover.