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Definition of blackguard:

  1. A person of stained or low character, esp. one who uses scurrilous language, or treats others with foul abuse; a scoundrel; a rough.
  2. A vagrant; a bootblack; a gamin.
  3. Scurrilous; abusive; low; worthless; vicious; as, blackguard language.
  4. The criminals and vagrants or vagabonds of a town or community, collectively.
  5. The scullions and lower menials of a court, or of a nobleman's household, who, in a removal from one residence to another, had charge of the kitchen utensils, and being smutted by them, were jocularly called the " black guard"; also, the servants and hangers- on of an army.
  6. To revile or abuse in scurrilous language.


domestic dog, click, bounder, shout, holler, pawl, step, poke fun, laugh at, ill-use, brute, ogre, despot, detent, call out, cry, weenie, clapperclaw, hollo, hotdog, heel, frankfurter, ill-treat, hound dog, Genghis Khan, wiener, roast, wienerwurst, shout out, make fun, scream, computer-aided design, sadist, guy, rib, yell, hot dog, abuse, firedog, animal, frank, jest at, mistreat, dog-iron, outcry, squall, andiron, cad, frump, monster, maltreat, psycho, leaper, cry out, dog, savage, misuse, beast, exclaim, ridicule, call, hound.

Usage examples: