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Definition of blare:

  1. The harsh noise of a trumpet; a loud and somewhat harsh noise, like the blast of a trumpet; a roar or bellowing.
  2. To cause to sound like the blare of a trumpet; to proclaim loudly.
  3. To sound loudly and somewhat harshly.


purge, yell, chuck, savage, be sick, clamouring, crucify, shell, shriek, blaring, retch, spue, sick, upchuck, throw up, knock down, cronk, regurgitate, cast, din, honk, toot, shout, commotion, beep, nail, clamoring, barf, show, vomit up, ruckus, smash, trumpet, sound, blast, vomit, rumpus, clamour, spew, claxon, cacophony, pillory, disgorge, cat, hue and cry, clamor, scream, puke, regorge, ruction, shoot.

Usage examples: