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Definition of blather:

  1. To talk foolishly, or nonsensically.
  2. Voluble, foolish, or nonsensical talk; - often in the pl.


blatherskite, poppycock, prattle, garbage, jargon, burble, tattle, gibberish, ripple, tomfoolery, idiocy, dabble, peach, play around, rigmarole, balderdash, bunk, sing, gabble, jabberwocky, twaddle, trash, let the cat out of the bag, bull, bunkum, blether, piffle, crap, malarkey, talk, babble out, guggle, hooey, applesauce, rubbish, claptrap, knowledge, smatter, tommyrot, spill the beans, gurgle, blab out, blither, prate, words, bilge, baloney, gibber, bubble, babble, chatter, blab.

Usage examples: