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Definition of blazing:

  1. Burning with a blaze; as, a blazing fire; blazing torches.
  2. of Blaze


vociferous, eye-popping, bright, unconcealed, flaming, glare, scorching, aflare, egregious, brilliance, clamant, impassioned, alight, glary, afire, rank, blatant, blaze, red-hot, crying, fulgurous, burning, on fire, glaring, gross, hot-blooded, heated, aflame, passionate, dithyrambic, torrid, strident, conspicuous, ardent, hell, fulgent, perfervid, flagrant, fervid, lighted, dazzling, blinding, clamorous, lit, fervent, ablaze, feelings, fulgurant, open.

Usage examples: