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Definition of blessing:

  1. A declaration of divine favor, or an invocation imploring divine favor on some or something; a benediction; a wish of happiness pronounces.
  2. A gift.
  3. A means of happiness; that which promotes prosperity and welfare; a beneficent gift.
  4. Grateful praise or worship.
  5. of Bless
  6. The act of one who blesses.


lenity, windfall, favorable reception, state of grace, benignity, forgiveness, good will, tenderness, avail, Eucharist, pardon, grace, approving, absolution, Thanksgiving, gracility, gentleness, mildness, clemency, break, godsend, good fortune, religion, free grace, damnation, kindness, favourable reception, benevolence, thanks, curse, pity, benediction, miracle, help, invocation, baptism, seemliness, forbearance, boon, asset, unction, lenience, goodwill, compassion, grace of God, aid, grateful, leniency, mercy, saving grace, approval.

Usage examples: