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Definition of blindly:

  1. Without sight, discernment, or understanding; without thought, investigation, knowledge, or purpose of one's own.


blind, cooperative, hazy, unfamiliar, foolishly, ill-considered, wildly, eagle-eyed, purposely, law-abiding, unknowing, impetuous, madly, mindless, dutiful, recklessly, ill-informed, shallow, color-blind, farsighted, impulsively, obedient, irresponsible, ignorant, illiterate, blindfolded, compliant, unacquainted, biddable, unthinking, directly, impulsive, uninformed, passionately, good, lost, unsuspecting, carelessly, legalistic, undiscriminating, instinctively, frantically, carefully, hawk-eyed, obtusely, willfully, unreasonably, submissive, hasty, bleary, servile, foolish.

Usage examples: