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Definition of block:

  1. A block hole.
  2. A blockhead; a stupid fellow; a dolt.
  3. A grooved pulley or sheave incased in a frame or shell which is provided with a hook, eye, or strap, by which it may be attached to an object. It is used to change the direction of motion, as in raising a heavy object that can not be conveniently reached, and also, when two or more such sheaves are compounded, to change the rate of motion, or to exert increased force; -- used especially in the rigging of ships, and in tackles.
  4. A large or long building divided into separate houses or shops, or a number of houses or shops built in contact with each other so as to form one building; a row of houses or shops.
  5. A piece of box or other wood for engravers' work.
  6. A piece of hard wood ( as mahogany or cherry) on which a stereotype or electrotype plate is mounted to make it type high.
  7. A piece of wood more or less bulky; a solid mass of wood, stone, etc., usually with one or more plane, or approximately plane, faces; as, a block on which a butcher chops his meat; a block by which to mount a horse; children's playing blocks, etc.
  8. A section of a railroad where the block system is used. See system, below.
  9. A square, or portion of a city inclosed by streets, whether occupied by buildings or not.
  10. Any obstruction, or cause of obstruction; a stop; a hindrance; an obstacle; as, a block in the way.
  11. In Australia, one of the large lots into which public land, when opened to settlers, is divided by the government surveyors.
  12. The pattern or shape of a hat.
  13. The perch on which a bird of prey is kept.
  14. The popping crease.
  15. The position of a player or bat when guarding the wicket.
  16. The solid piece of wood on which condemned persons lay their necks when they are beheaded.
  17. The wooden mold on which hats, bonnets, etc., are shaped.
  18. To obstruct so as to prevent passage or progress; to prevent passage from, through, or into, by obstructing the way; - used both of persons and things; - often followed by up; as, to block up a road or harbor.
  19. To secure or support by means of blocks; to secure, as two boards at their angles of intersection, by pieces of wood glued to each.
  20. To shape on, or stamp with, a block; as, to block a hat.


pin, freeze down, brownfield, obscure, occlude, come off, freeze, engorge, combine, turn back, keep mum, bean, capture, loaf, overindulge, mental block, problem, embarrassment, duration, confederation, close off, seal off, discontinue, burn, break, shutdown, head off, duck, closing, sidestep, submerge, distance, stopover, site, author, cantonment, stop dead, fiber, blockade, crush, ram, fog, let, something goes in one ear and out the other, arrest, cube, billow, cluster, clot, false start, plosive consonant, halt, break off, capacity, gourmandize, grouping, alliance, street, cease, conceal, baud, come, come on, access, huddle, regular hexahedron, piece, period, stop, pulley-block, bend, array, hide, closure, quit, fend off, plosive speech sound, allocation, development, plosive, facility, close up, block up, dead heat, nob, chain, scarf out, side, cabbagetown, gormandise, cloture, chop down, third power, outline, passel, exclude, fibre, shut up, blank out, blocking, stanch, balk, noodle, farce, hoist, shut off, ahead, stem, full point, foil, oblivion, auction block, sect, battery, lie low, shackles, bury, cross, megaplex, bandwidth, turn away, planned, jampack, burbs, put off, sketch, byte, give up, block off, pack, clutch, area, choke up, hank, edifice, balance, embarrass, blockage, immobilize, holdback, binge, noggin, belt up, squash, staunch, hunk, slice, kibosh, collection, full stop, bloc, trap, cover, stop consonant, batch, arithmetic, bobble, dash, squeeze, law of closure, dummy up, hold, ward off, coalition, agora, hitch, the blocks, era, shove, construction site, call, leave, axis, nut, englut, avoid, call up, stave off, clock speed, borough, obviate, backlog, overgorge, forget, complex, cylinder block, freeze out, cake, retard, clod, building site, pulley, blank, installation, senior moment, adumbrate, conk, stumbling block, get/become lost (in something), hit, stymie, solid, parry, immobilise, brick, occlusion, oblong, gorge, banish, union, table, forgetful, avert, pin down, deflect, slip through the net/cracks, stop over, suite, closedown, end, ingot, combination, traverse, be quiet, resolution, erection, abash, epoch, bunch, gormandize, inconvenience, back up, wad, fudge, party, tuck away, tug, construction, debar, beat, the built environment, draft, cloud, hold on, stuff, clock, segment, help, center, clam up, barrio, camouflage, wheel, city block, square block, barricado, folly, greenfield site, dome, occluded front, finish, dodge, quarter-acre block, bit, body, intersection, charge, stone, federation, clump, come in, ingurgitate, apartment complex, pate, pile, glut, tackle, button up, draw a blank, drop back, suspend, neighborhood, circumvent, occlusive, throng, head, evade, mask, date, chapter, wall, allowance, cram, beat up, predicament, obturate, impede, froth, point, baton, countdown, browse, counteract, satiate, burn in, barracks, muster, stoppage, constellation, trammel, lug, day, slab, GHz, set, discourage, noddle, archive, shut down, package, bank, armpit, pig out, fold, skirt, amount, mazard, forfend, contain, assemblage, foam, intercept, diaphragm, manacle, hedge, section, base, gag law, hold back, relegate, chock up, wing, tree, layover, dpi, mass, lay off, building, adumbrate, band, gag rule, elude, poll, parcel, distract, obstruct, accumulation, chunk, overeat, dive, lot, mob, stymy, settlement, hinder, blot out, engine block, knock something on the head, tote, open, absent-minded, terminate, close down, jam, cps, get in the way of something, subdivision, interference, thrust, infill, forefend.

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