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Definition of bloody:

  1. Attended with, or involving, bloodshed; sanguinary; esp., marked by great slaughter or cruelty; as, a bloody battle.
  2. Containing or resembling blood; of the nature of blood; as, bloody excretions; bloody sweat.
  3. Given, or tending, to the shedding of blood; having a cruel, savage disposition; murderous; cruel.
  4. Infamous; contemptible; - variously used for mere emphasis or as a low epithet.
  5. Smeared or stained with blood; as, bloody hands; a bloody handkerchief.
  6. To stain with blood.


grisly, homicidal, crap, even, goddammit, whole, blessed, bloodstain, very, actively, bruise, flaming, sanguinary, excessively, all-fired, gaping, unmitigated, wound, ruddy, strain, butcherly, like, crashing, expensive, burn, vile, riotous, blooming, wounded, murdering, murderous, harm, cursed, mutually ruinous, red, raw, fucking, help, slaughterous, confounded, ensanguine, cutthroat, unhurt, thuggish, blood-filled, easy, ferocious, e'en, bloodsucking, light, barbarous, sanguineous, imbrue, awful, vicious, crimson, son of a bitch, open, bloody-minded, gory, internecine, disable, injure, disorderly, darn, entirely, sanguine, awfully, blood, heavy, blasted, e'er, savage, fierce, infernal, execrable, hand-to-hand, blooded, bally, bleeding, get stuffed, damn, blinking, bloodstained, suicidal, brutal, break, cut, damned, damn it/you/him etc., bloodied, extremely, accursed, exceedingly, bloodthirsty, for God's/Christ's/goodness'/Heaven's/Pete's sake, blamed, any, rotten, actual, violent.

Usage examples: