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Definition of blow out:

  1. The cleaning of the flues of a boiler from scale, etc., by a blast of steam.


eliminate, wipe out, be adrift, bollocks, erupt, muck up, quell, shove off, quench, boast, float, mishandle, stub out, explode, bumble, bollocks up, go down on, fluff, do away with, burn out, gas, mess up, screw up, drift, swash, tout, fumble, snuff, suck, extinguish, louse up, eradicate, brag, bobble, allay, shatter, shoot a line, spoil, decimate, ball up, botch, get rid of, assuage, blow, botch up, squander, bodge, bollix up, fellate, squelch, slake, crush out, gasconade, shove along, put out, annihilate, press out, rupture, vaunt, dampen, bungle, muff, foul up, flub, carry off, waste, snuff out, bluster, bollix.