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Definition of blunt:

  1. A fencer's foil.
  2. A short needle with a strong point. See Needle.
  3. Abrupt in address; plain; unceremonious; wanting the forms of civility; rough in manners or speech.
  4. Dull in understanding; slow of discernment; stupid; - opposed to acute.
  5. Hard to impress or penetrate.
  6. Having a thick edge or point, as an instrument; dull; not sharp.
  7. Money.
  8. To dull the edge or point of, by making it thicker; to make blunt.
  9. To repress or weaken, as any appetite, desire, or power of the mind; to impair the force, keenness, or susceptibility, of; as, to blunt the feelings.


pointless, rude, damp, dull, candid, crude, tactless, dampen, heart-to-heart, unconditional, unceremonious, outspoken, straight-from-the-shoulder, discourteous, plainspoken, crusty, girdle, unpointed, short-spoken, frank, tone down, forthright, coarse, stark, inconsiderate, impolite, pall, point-blank, thoughtless, brusk, undiplomatic, free-spoken, numb, direct, deaden, uncivil, vocal, unmannerly, bluff, rough, blustering, muffle, benumb, attitude, bold, mute.

Usage examples: