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Definition of bony:

  1. Consisting of bone, or of bones; full of bones; pertaining to bones.
  2. Having large or prominent bones.


squandered, underweight, bonelike, cadaveric, haggard, penniless, scraggy, lanky, boney, osseous, adenoidal, all skin and bones, thin as a rail, fat, twiggy, spare, nasal, meager, diminished, otiose, hard up, lank, impecunious, fleshless, superfluous, skinny, penurious, gaunt, boned, hard, slender, emaciated, pointless, strong-boned, formative, horny, atrophied, raddled, structural, angular, wasted, careworn, worn, cadaverous, senseless, angular, thin, osteal, slim, rawboned, scrawny, purposeless, lean, bone, pinched, drawn, weedy, skeletal.

Usage examples: