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Definition of booster:

  1. An instrument for regulating the electro- motive force in an alternating- current circuit; - so called because used to boost, or raise, the pressure in the circuit.


jock, maven, relay station, adept, star, champ, helper, multistage rocket, relay transmitter, suspensor, ace, booster shot, supporter, champion, takeoff booster, shoplifter, booster amplifier, plugger, agonist, booster station, assistant, lifter, athletic supporter, friend, jockstrap, impresario, fighter, sponsor, relay link, admirer, protagonist, showman, garter, whiz, wizard, booster dose, acquaintance, help, booster rocket, booster unit, wiz, adorer, paladin, sensation, hotshot, takeoff rocket, whizz, title-holder, recall dose, promoter, hero, genius, superstar, patron, virtuoso, ally, mavin, weightlifter.

Usage examples: