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Definition of bore:

  1. A hole made by boring; a perforation.
  2. A person or thing that wearies by prolixity or dullness; a tiresome person or affair; any person or thing which causes ennui.
  3. A tidal flood which regularly or occasionally rushes into certain rivers of peculiar configuration or location, in one or more waves which present a very abrupt front of considerable height, dangerous to shipping, as at the mouth of the Amazon, in South America, the Hoogly and Indus, in India, and the Tsien- tang, in China.
  4. A tool for making a hole by boring, as an auger.
  5. Caliber; importance.
  6. imp. of 1st & 2d Bear.
  7. Less properly, a very high and rapid tidal flow, when not so abrupt, such as occurs at the Bay of Fundy and in the British Channel.
  8. The internal cylindrical cavity of a gun, cannon, pistol, or other firearm, or of a pipe or tube.
  9. The size of a hole; the interior diameter of a tube or gun barrel; the caliber.
  10. To be pierced or penetrated by an instrument that cuts as it turns; as, this timber does not bore well, or is hard to bore.
  11. To befool; to trick.
  12. To form or enlarge by means of a boring instrument or apparatus; as, to bore a steam cylinder or a gun barrel; to bore a hole.
  13. To make ( a passage) by laborious effort, as in boring; as, to bore one's way through a crowd; to force a narrow and difficult passage through.
  14. To make a hole or perforation with, or as with, a boring instrument; to cut a circular hole by the rotary motion of a tool; as, to bore for water or oil ( i. e., to sink a well by boring for water or oil); to bore with a gimlet; to bore into a tree ( as insects).
  15. To perforate or penetrate, as a solid body, by turning an auger, gimlet, drill, or other instrument; to make a round hole in or through; to pierce; as, to bore a plank.
  16. To push forward in a certain direction with laborious effort.
  17. To shoot out the nose or toss it in the air; - said of a horse.
  18. To weary by tedious iteration or by dullness; to tire; to trouble; to vex; to annoy; to pester.


stupid person, aegir, tidal bore, pall, barrel, drongo, run down, snoozer, pudden-head, wear down, outwear, dinosaur, gage, leave someone cold, exhaust, pest, wasteland, yawn, wear, pillock, stupe, caliber, living death, tire out, chamber, tiresome person, make (for) interesting/tedious etc. reading, snooze, turn off, droner, calibre, nuisance, backwater, quality, trouble, drill hole, conservative, riddle, prick, eager, hammer, jade, diehard, pudding head, drill, yawner, dullsville, clip, fag out, tear, anorak, fogey, tedious person, rip, practise, play out, poor fish, exercise, tire, bore-hole, wear upon, stultify, drag, nudnik, demotivate, dullard, butt, dolt, desert, bayonet, rut, drip, gauge, standard of measurement, practice, fart, sap, dweeb, excite, dent, eagre, stupid, wear out.

Usage examples: