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Definition of bother:

  1. One who, or that which, bothers; state of perplexity or annoyance; embarrassment; worry; disturbance; petty trouble; as, to be in a bother.
  2. To annoy; to trouble; to worry; to perplex. See Pother.
  3. To feel care or anxiety; to make or take trouble; to be troublesome.


kill, amaze, frighten/scare the wits out of someone, persecutor, squabble, agitate, gadfly, get at, pest, blip, get, ache, toss, let nature take its course, stick, do, squall, inconvenience oneself, lambast, furor, dun, hurry-scurry, extend, alarm, douse, hurting, moil, hurricane, headache, access, rough-and-tumble, ado, roil, trial, baffle, ride, joke, trounce, bustle, chill, bawl out, flap, call down, foofaraw, teething problems, rag, stew, lecture, (just) the tip of the iceberg, frighten, tumult, scold, dumbfound, thorn, pip, remonstrate, stir up, commove, ballyhoo, rock, annoy, anaesthetize, lambaste, anesthetise, imposition, painfulness, intimidate, grief, make, excoriate, smother, irritate, call on the carpet, hiccup, make no move, ruckus, whirl, bluster, refrain, dither, publish, discommode, nonplus, unhinge, nettle, anxiety, frustrate, hold out, pandemonium, tussle, nudnik, chide, shake up, tizzy, pain sensation, row, rally, stretch out, feelings, vex, hurly-burly, dogfight, annoyance, raise up, nark, irritant, cod, furore, hubble-bubble, devil, hubbub, clutter, rub, disoblige, fluster, infliction, fun, scare, cark, terrify, puzzle, stand by, welter, depress, spat, rumpus, retire, rattle, pettifoggery, coil, flurry, teaser, scratch, dress down, progress to, zoo, hurry, get to, shake, reprimand, neglect, ail, panic, sit by, gravel, omit to do something, flummox, bugbear, bickering, worry, pound, aggro, frustration, disquiet, uproar, drag, care, mystify, suffer, trouble oneself, ruction, pother, jaw, clatter, stir, stifle, pain, to-do, stupefy, fray, put out, stretch forth, bring out, hoopla, distress, calm, chew out, drive someone mad, chew up, tiff, distract, the thin end of the wedge, annoying, annoyer, rile, triviality, pose, pain in the ass, tantalise, concern, alarums and excursions, ruffle, williwaw, bewilder, incommode, taunt, fuss, devastate, dismay, bicker, unsettle, problem, botheration, urticate, bobbery, hustle, berate, hitch, rebuke, wrinkle, storm, aggravator, gall, crucify, calamity, wound, blather, beat, razz, chafe, inconvenience, madden, hassle, pain in the neck, put under, helter-skelter, hullabaloo, corroboree, hoo-ha, menace, reach, hang over, exsert, abstain, can't bring yourself to do something, splore, trouble, scuffle, reproof, turmoil, hurt, difficulty, gnawer, release, take to task, shindy, bug, hair shirt, disorder, issue, startle, nuisance, tantalize, have words, stab, glitch, twit, anesthetize, hurly, painful sensation, perplex, anaesthetise, kerfuffle.

Usage examples: