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Definition of bout:

  1. A conflict; contest; attempt; trial; a set- to at anything; as, a fencing bout; a drinking bout.
  2. As much of an action as is performed at one time; a going and returning, as of workmen in reaping, mowing, etc.; a turn; a round.


bit, stretch, cycle, rung, fizzle, encounter, split, daily round, turn, arm-wrestling, passage of arms, good turn, binge, bust, boxer, time, battle, fit, round of golf, bend, split second, case, rent, minute, a bit, watch, fight, matchup, one shot, stave, bare-knuckle, action, round of drinks, meet, match, set-to, skirmish, flop, second, attack, trick, go, corner, unit of ammunition, circle, box, period, strife, orgy, seizure, tournament, contest, teardrop, affair, access, tourney, spell, play, female chest, event, siege, short-term, inning, tour, sec, conflict, turn of events, engagement, boxing, number, troll, instant, snag, tear, act, twist, rhythm, flare-up, cross, round, breakout, crook, turning, combat, count out, rip, episode, competition, stint, shift, beat, routine, sweepstakes, session, illness, relapse, bantamweight, hitch, splurge, moment.

Usage examples: