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Definition of brave:

  1. A brave person; one who is daring.
  2. A challenge; a defiance; bravado.
  3. A man daring beyond discretion; a bully.
  4. Bold; courageous; daring; intrepid; - opposed to cowardly; as, a brave man; a brave act.
  5. Having any sort of superiority or excellence; - especially such as in conspicuous.
  6. Making a fine show or display.
  7. Specifically, an Indian warrior.
  8. To adorn; to make fine or showy.
  9. To encounter with courage and fortitude; to set at defiance; to defy; to dare.


do something, live on, do-or-die, prevail, frontline, chancy, corking, blue-chip, gutty, brag, cracking, righteous, A-OK, bear, choice, gamey, insolent, at your own risk, dope, divine, hot, braw, lovely, chivalric, courageous, ANZAC, blue-ribbon, bodacious, gritty, first-string, stouthearted, live, adventurous, jim-dandy, swell, superlative, stout, run, combat, take something on board, gilt-edged, grand, awesome, bumper, undauntable, dragoon, endure, brilliant, wear, fortitudinous, brazen-faced, keen, tackle, brazen, noble, four-star, stomach, heroic, handle, fine, splendid, top-notch, lionhearted, weather, audacious, dodgy, confederate, fab, jolly, out-of-sight, cheery, hold out, put up, fearless, ensign, capital, supernal, wizard, sterling, game, centurion, prize, support, jocund, suffer, desperate, boss, hold up, survive, digest, sturdy, dynamite, classic, topping, groovy, terrific, die hard, brave out, marvelous, peachy keen, unsurpassed, undismayed, mirthful, festal, top-of-the-line, venturesome, daring, touch-and-go, make the best of something, unsound, venturous, A1, merry, peachy, brassy, risky, bald-faced, spunky, prizewinning, stand, prime, barefaced, homophile, dauntless, radical, bonny, go, valiant, top-flight, gamy, stick out, fantabulous, gutsy, intrepid, fusilier, down, numero uno, stellar, bold, mettlesome, fear, cool, slick, persist, festive, immense, boffo, number one, last, gay, address, famous, superb, top-shelf, dandy, spirited, jovial, unfearing, gallant, great, conquistador, undaunted, first-rate, primo, bully, sunny, see about, fabulous, superior, abide, par excellence, bang-up, hype, gone, unsafe, stalwart, greathearted, bright, neat, valorous, knight, brook, beautiful, banner, crackerjack, phat, fantastic, tip-top, wonderful, top, heavenly, sensational, five-star, colorful, gangbusters, doughty, nifty, mean, cavalryman, first-class, quality, high-class, tolerate.

Usage examples: