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Definition of breach:

  1. A breaking of waters, as over a vessel; the waters themselves; surge; surf.
  2. A breaking out upon; an assault.
  3. A breaking up of amicable relations; rupture.
  4. A bruise; a wound.
  5. A gap or opening made made by breaking or battering, as in a wall or fortification; the space between the parts of a solid body rent by violence; a break; a rupture.
  6. A hernia; a rupture.
  7. Specifically: A breaking or infraction of a law, or of any obligation or tie; violation; non- fulfillment; as, a breach of contract; a breach of promise.
  8. The act of breaking, in a figurative sense.
  9. To break the water, as by leaping out; - said of a whale.
  10. To make a breach or opening in; as, to breach the walls of a city.


bankrupt, plunder, recrudesce, come apart, flout, kick downstairs, let on, bust, break, squeeze, jailbreak, better, break in, offend, depravity, develop, desecrate, smash, unwrap, severing, relegate, cry off, push, wrong, rent, defy, pique, disagreement, stop, duck out of, noncompliance, fault, rape, assault, faulting, weaken, hurt, shock, contravene, challenge, interstice, violate, snap off, let out, argument, intermit, get around, break dance, lawbreaking, bring out, disaffection, give, fight, burst, breakout, good luck, wound, respite, disputed, noncooperation, contravention, geological fault, dispute, enormity, scandalise, interrupt, iniquity, spite, prisonbreak, appall, fracture, fall apart, misunderstanding, immorality, excess, confrontation, happy chance, cut through, fail, open, help, conflict, discover, break of serve, discontinue, wear out, severance, emplacement, malefaction, disclose, decadence, profane, traverse, cut across, welsh on, go bad, dishonor, misdeed, shift, appal, open frame, demote, ravish, nonobservance, rupture, disruption, gaolbreak, wrongdoing, cockpit, buffer zone, go against, dishonour, soften, divulge, erupt, scandalize, bridgehead, assemble, ruin, give out, quarrel, dampen, injure, hole, evil, sin, overstep, bastion, spoil, defiance, breakage, perforation, rift, go, insubordination, beachhead, back out, falling out, schism, give away, despoil, break down, error, go back on, villainy, hiatus, debt, collapse, trespass, split, transgress, break away, renege, check, fall in, breaking, cave in, backpedal, misdoing, disobedience, opening, estrangement, break up, intermission, split up, get out, battlefield, interruption, disobey, discontinuity, bulldoze, time out, part, void, break off, infringe, cut, right, reveal, dugout, die, pause, separate, non-compliance, recess, suspension, prison-breaking, cross, fissure, break out, wear, founder, expose, controversy, damp, give way, bruise, bump, fight your way, gap, infract, conk out, buck, a war of words.

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