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Definition of break away:

Synonyms for break away:

elude, break-dance, melt down, bleed, collapse, break down, kick downstairs, break off, like rats deserting a sinking ship, get away, erupt, recrudesce, better, discontinue, wear, dampen, fall apart, abandon ship, demote, divulge, expose, lean, smash, conk out, break for, bump, carry, give way, tend, secede, bolt, thresh, execute, die, disclose, fall in, bunk, reveal, knap, let on, take to the woods, make off with, cut short, come unstuck, escape, scat, infract, breach, range, hunt down, bust, hunt, break, crack, black market, go bad, die hard, give out, go against, founder, ply, incline, throw off, miss, offend, detach, develop, melt, beat, pass, get by, flee, flail, slim down, run, get off, move, track down, splinter, give, sliver, play, come adrift, run away, break loose, break up, come off, nick, course, split up, hightail it, burst, snap off, be given, function, unravel, draw, let out, give away, break in, interrupt, transgress, separate, check, fail, fly the coop, cut off, persist, damp, break short, ruin, consort, lam, violate, work, break out, endure, divide, flow, desert, operate, head for the hills, chip, guide, relegate, wear out, scarper, come away, make a break (for something), come apart, chip off, ladder, split, bring out, feed, lead, turn tail, cave in, pause, get out, discover, prevail, extend, stop, bankrupt, weaken, part, campaign, run for, get around, fracture, go off, unwrap, go over, thrash, soften, race, go, intermit, break/cut loose.