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Definition of break in:

Synonyms for break in:

infract, crash, gate-crash, cut someone short, stack away, chisel in, submit, hijacking, burgle, go against, insert, ground, separate, help yourself to something, unwrap, erupt, wear out, bump, burglarize, break out, chime in, burst, throw in, split, train, break up, pause, founder, equestrian, intermit, install, instal, conk out, reveal, shout out, get out, weaken, hive away, better, lay in, go, salt away, interpose, set up, discover, clothe, educate, teach, disclose, dampen, give away, divulge, walk off with, get around, hold-up, break dance, interrupt, fracture, let out, damp, fall in, recrudesce, intrude, rob, relegate, trespass, discontinue, pull on, housebreaking, wear, get dressed, soften, die, inclose, try on, crack, collapse, transgress, stash away, expose, loot, invade, split up, break off, fail, check, prepare, put on, butt in, break down, coach, bankrupt, interject, slip into, groom, break away, introduce, kick downstairs, offend, canter, breaking and entering, cut in, give, carjacking, burglary, run away with, bridle, come in, wrap up, smash, break, induct, let on, heist, enclose, violate, plunder, bareback, chip in, initiate, inject, irrupt, bring out, come apart, demote, snap off, steal, instruct, dress, barge in, extortion, give way, tutor, snatch, intervene, cover up, give out, dismount, cave in, gallop, mug, bust, store, stick in, jump in, grand larceny, identity theft, stop, develop, ruin, go bad, breach, meddle, fall apart, lecture, part, put in.