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Definition of break through:

Synonyms for break through:

bug out, close in, combust, pop, conflagrate, come forward, recrudesce, come forth, force a way, forge ahead, get through, deliver the goods, come out, come through, outpace, cloud, break out, come to the fore, out, bring home the bacon, spring, bulge, ignite, come and go, squeeze, fickle, crack, emerge, flare, snap, get along, break, make it, extravasate, egress, advance, protrude, crack up, pop up, cross, ease, crock up, progress, win, bulge out, get on with, intrude, start, flare up, pop out, succeed, check, step to the fore, break open, appear, surface, pull through, go forth, come out of the closet, come on, lift, shoot up, brighten up, step up, descend on, catch fire, take fire, come in, plod along, fall out, survive, traverse, pull round, push through, belch, turn up, irrupt, cut through, bulldoze, erupt, cut, collapse, turn out, burst, reach, issue, cut across, burst out, clear up, clear, break up, place, step forward, penetrate, fight your way, push, get ahead, spring up, show up, crop up.