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Definition of breaking:

  1. A piece of mechanism for retarding or stopping motion by friction, as of a carriage or railway car, by the pressure of rubbers against the wheels, or of clogs or ratchets against the track or roadway, or of a pivoted lever against a wheel or drum in a machine.


going to pot, open frame, fault, caving in, time out, break, rift, faulting, gap, shivering, severance, erupting, pause, fracture, exploding, splintering, gaolbreak, smashing, tearing, cracking, prison-breaking, collapsing, falling out, riving, good luck, geological fault, interruption, falling, rupture, disruption, shift, crashing, dissevering, busting, breakage, prisonbreak, respite, recess, breach, jailbreak, break of serve, happy chance, suspension, snapping, breakout, intermission.

Usage examples: