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Definition of breathless:

  1. Dead; as, a breathless body.
  2. Not breathing; holding the breath, on account of fear, expectation, or intense interest; attended with a holding of the breath; as, breathless attention.
  3. Spent with labor or violent action; out of breath.


inanimate, blown, dyspnoeic, out of breath, exciting, wheezing, spent, asphyxiating, breath, used up, gasping, breezeless, windless, puffing, smothering, breathtaking, broken-winded, airless, still, non-living, dead, suffocating, panting, exhausted, emphysematous, pulseless, short-winded, choking, winded, dyspneic, dyspneal, suffocative, tired, short of breath, asthmatic, nonliving, pursy, enthusiastic, dyspnoeal.

Usage examples: