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Definition of breeze:

  1. A light, gentle wind; a fresh, soft- blowing wind.
  2. Alt. of fly
  3. An excited or ruffed state of feeling; a flurry of excitement; a disturbance; a quarrel; as, the discovery produced a breeze.
  4. Refuse coal, coal ashes, and cinders, used in the burning of bricks.
  5. Refuse left in the process of making coke or burning charcoal.
  6. To blow gently.


outing, crack, blast, line, walkover, waltz, easterly, dust devil, airwave, cinch, walkaway, aura, waft, cream puff, roses, press stud, field day, ginger nut, melodic line, piece of cake, cracking, strain, snap fastener, tune, someone's heart swells with happiness/pride, airstream, hold your head up/high, snap bean, cakewalk, centering, air travel, flurry, aviation, elasticity, gingersnap, pushover, mistral, hug yourself, headwind, picnic, catch, snap, crosswind, shot, grab, pride yourself on something, easy, melody, walk/stand tall, breath, duck soup, zip, assert, melodic phrase, cake, be a credit to someone, ginger snap, snapshot, girth, study at wind, zephyr, air, child's play, play, snatch, gentle wind, atmosphere, come out of your shell, congratulate yourself, jet stream, kid stuff.

Usage examples: