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Definition of buffer:

  1. A good- humored, slow- witted fellow; - usually said of an elderly man.
  2. A pad or cushion forming the end of a fender, which receives the blow; - sometimes called buffing apparatus.
  3. A wheel for buffing; a buff.
  4. An elastic apparatus or fender, for deadening the jar caused by the collision of bodies; as, a buffer at the end of a railroad car.
  5. One who polishes with a buff.


wing, display, CD-RW, codger, caramel, crash, interposer, gaffer, decode, broker, middleman, old bat, intercessor, boot disk, damp, intermediate, CDE, corrupt, pilot, airplane pilot, abort, pilot film, pilot program, weaken, cocoon, old bag, lifesaver, Brillo pad, cache memory, close, buffer store, the Channel Tunnel, crone, break, deliver, dampen, emulate, caramel brown, yellowish brown, protector, buff, honest broker, mince, pilot burner, feather duster, blu-ray, original, precaution, mop, soften, goat, bumper, connection, cowcatcher, feeder, interceder, CD, cleaner, moderate, lover, baggage room, intermediary, keep (a) watch, watch over, boot, stand up for, guardian, cache, guardian angel, devotee, champion, old-timer, buffer zone, peacemaker, pad, go-between, raw sienna, buffer storage, carpet sweeper, conciliator, defender, branch line, cutting, polisher, pilot light, dishwasher, archetype, fender, broom, CD-R, extension, biddy, cushion, relent, granddad, Hoover, artery, cushioning, shock absorber, fan, CD-ROM, kitchen paper, yield.

Usage examples: