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Definition of bug:

  1. A bugbear; anything which terrifies.
  2. A general name applied to various insects belonging to the Hemiptera; as, the squash bug; the chinch bug, etc.
  3. An insect of the genus Cimex, especially the bedbug ( C. lectularius). See Bedbug.
  4. One of certain kinds of Crustacea; as, the sow bug; pill bug; bait bug; salve bug, etc.
  5. One of various species of Coleoptera; as, the ladybug; potato bug, etc.; loosely, any beetle.


tantalize, intercept, infuriate, tip, better, pester, autosave, microbe, fiend, clipboard, microorganism, head, hemipteron, circumvent, rag, kick, satisfaction, delight, harass, enthusiast, epidemic, compel, distemper, source, maven, ail, hound, tantalise, rap, excitement, agent, fruitcake, ecstasy, double agent, sucker, tap, fluff, provoke, hem in, knock, help, wonder, loon, defect, vermin, loosen, drive someone mad, concern, crazy, worm, health, sickie, sicko, pink, twit, tapdance, psychopath, browse mode, fan, collaborate, contagion, addict, fancier, pest, devotee, bully, wiretap, zealot, badger, insect, beetle, shortcoming, antagonize, beg, ill, maniac, madden, industrial espionage, nag, enthusiasm, rally, creepy-crawly, junkie, germ, wacko, fault, counterintelligence, beautiful, loony, nutcase, automatic hyphenation, nutter, lover, frustrate, blemish, head case, hemipteran, espionage, anticipation, fanatic, imperfection, bulldoze, besiege, razz, hemipterous insect, edit, drag into, joie de vivre, seed, file format, beleaguer, threaten, crackbrain, freak, collaboration, field, bother, collaborator, tease, taunt, coerce, psycho, bait, stop, distemperature, solicit, pleasure, annoy, autoflow, irritate, force, trouble, buff, exploit, tease apart, nut, cod, flaw, fool, ride, aficionado, crawler, card, anger, clip art, glitch, habitué, surround.

Usage examples: