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Definition of bug out:

Synonyms for bug out:

bag, go off, bulge, come forward, pour down, issue, hightail, break, dig out, vamoose, flee, quit, book, stick out, part, push through, lose your nerve, clear off, bugger off, bolt, lower, bulge out, peel off, come in, scoot, sally, retreat, take off, move, take fright, kill, burst out, depart, embark on, lead off, go forth, get off, frown, set about, take up, toss off, cut out, chicken out, furrow, come out, skedaddle, go, jut out, come forth, come to the fore, start, pop up, live in fear (of), pack, scare, skip out, glower, dash off, begin, come out of the closet, step up, drink down, crop up, project, bug off, commence, quail, jump, belt down, set forth, run off, walk out, bail, exit, scarper, initiate, bulk, be/live in dread of, jut, set out, grimace, start up, make off, step to the fore, push on, start out, shoot off, pull out, begone, show up, quake, appear, step, egress, turn up, emerge, get down, come on, buzz, pop out, place, run along, pike, get going, break through, pop, abandon, turn out, down, set off, glare, startle, surface, run away, push off, shove, have a horror of (doing) something, fall out, originate, clear out, bolt down, mug, panic, get, pout, bail out, fly, pouch, protrude, out, step forward, erupt.