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Definition of buggy:

  1. A light one horse two- wheeled vehicle.
  2. A light, four- wheeled vehicle, usually with one seat, and with or without a calash top.
  3. Infested or abounding with bugs.


daffy, non compos mentis, mentally ill, gaga, moonstruck, roadster, carriage, awry, zestful, silly, fruity, nuts, brainsick, around the bend, cockamamie, bats, loopy, wrong, maniac, unclean, balmy, yeasty, loco, zany, buckboard, surrey, of unsound mind, baby carriage, cuckoo, disordered, sick in the head, demented, crazy, sane, mild, stark raving mad, insane, amiss, unbalanced, kookie, roughened, round the bend, haywire, mad as a hatter, mad, screwy, cracked, nutty as a fruitcake, soft, goofy, nutlike, not all there, dotty, two-seater, dirty, wacky, kooky, off, batty, chapped, wild, runabout, touched, daft, maniacal, crackers, unsound, zesty, whacky, loony, barmy, sappy, crazy as a loon, bananas, bonkers, alligatored, distraught, nutty, cockamamy, soiled, lunatic.

Usage examples: