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Definition of built:

  1. Formed; shaped; constructed; made; - often used in composition and preceded by the word denoting the form; as, frigate- built, clipper- built, etc.
  2. of Build
  3. Shape; build; form of structure; as, the built of a ship.


clever, shapely, put together, buxom, joined, reinforced, cast, established, automatic, bosomy, compact, strengthened, stacked, analog, stacked, set up, big, automatically, cordless, finished, raised, chesty, shapely, beefy, brawny, clockwork, full, burly, curvy, broken, assembled, well-stacked, coltish, remodeled, well-developed, bullnecked, curvaceous, contrived, busty, auxiliary, buxom, improved, completed, perfected, realized, beautiful, barrel-chested, well-endowed, made-up, clean, flat-chested, collective.

Usage examples: