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Definition of bulk:

  1. A projecting part of a building.
  2. Magnitude of material substance; dimensions; mass; size; as, an ox or ship of great bulk.
  3. The body.
  4. The cargo of a vessel when stowed.
  5. The main mass or body; the largest or principal portion; the majority; as, the bulk of a debt.
  6. To appear or seem to be, as to bulk or extent; to swell.


multitude, protrude, lot, bug out, majority, sight, fraction, wholesale, loudness, big, start, heap, body, bulge, pouch, wad, beef, hoi polloi, most, quantity, book, plenty, bag, minority, legal age, object, mickle, people, pile, gross, pot, pop, slew, come out, pop out, bulge out, matter, corpus, masses, spate, preponderancy, weight, budget, tidy sum, stack, quantum, mint, staple, muckle, mass, raft, good deal, great deal, amount, bit, mess, volume, brawn, batch, muscularity, remnant, mountain, quite a little, absolute majority, deal, passel, plurality, preponderance, peck, intensity, the great unwashed, best, flock, hatful.

Usage examples: