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Definition of bulletin:

  1. A brief statement of facts respecting some passing event, as military operations or the health of some distinguished personage, issued by authority for the information of the public.
  2. A periodical publication, especially one containing the proceeding of a society.
  3. Any public notice or announcement, especially of news recently received.


call-in, zine, communiqué, brochure, back issue, back number, assertion, diurnal, notification, closed-captioned, attestation, record, accusation, mag, summary, docusoap, magazine, docudrama, feature, comic book, affirmation, comic, book, chat show, posting, paper, rag, breakfast television, assurance, bare, avowal, compact, digest, broadsheet, biweekly, allegation, apology, apologia, ad, serial, advert, publicise, back copy, documentary, air, publicize.

Usage examples: