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Definition of bunch:

  1. A collection, cluster, or tuft, properly of things of the same kind, growing or fastened together; as, a bunch of grapes; a bunch of keys.
  2. A protuberance; a hunch; a knob or lump; a hump.
  3. A small isolated mass of ore, as distinguished from a continuous vein.
  4. To form into a bunch or bunches.
  5. To swell out into a bunch or protuberance; to be protuberant or round.


lay out, pot, lot, crop, rogues' gallery, sheaf, draw, gobs, bank, ton, muster, flow, work, clutch, dried fruit, parcel, bag, block, fall down, tuft, reshape, lashings, agglomeration, boatload, jut, fruit, bouquet, convex, fresh, mass, latchkey, buttonhole, store, bushel, swelling, lump, wealth, loads, great deal, cozy up, berry, spray, boutonniere, projection, plateful, constellate, practice bundling, form, citrus fruit, yard, combination, full-blown, wad, shape, range, hug, twist, layer, protrusion, plenitude, besiege, crowd, boodle, hundred, circumstances, centerpiece, organize, fit, huddle, caboodle, slew, open up, chunk, clustering, truckload, curl, mint, myriad, barrel, quantity, order, quite a little, thud, shock, windfall, gathering, shipload, master key, fold, carload, scads, suite, mountain, mickle, potful, reams, gang, thicket, heap, clomp, klatch, battery, good deal, knot, much, glob, destiny, consort, mess, sort, fascicle, citrus, raft, thumping, ride up, luck, passel, community, overhang, profusion, close up, bundle, protuberance, network, galaxy, bunch up, clod, basketful, galère, converge, thump, plentitude, crew, bump, bunch together, clop, volume, clump together, arrange, flowery, dozen, coven, clunk, oodles, plunk, fistful, portion, array, multiplicity, skeleton key, fate, bend, convexity, tidy sum, bloom, deal, fob, sight, abundance, pile, cluster, swell, constellation, drupe, key, clump, nosegay, gaggle, code, pucker, straighten, stack, breathe, peck, muckle, compact, hang, hatful, work party, roll up, grouping, bundle up, ball, batch, package, pass key, key ring, bucket, plenty, fortune, spate, deform, clot.

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