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Definition of burn down:

Synonyms for burn down:

draw near, provoke, give notice, arise, consume, come near, fuel, scorch, dismiss, sack, cut, draw close, discharge, bite, send away, evoke, come on, flare, sting, give the axe, can, burn, raise, come up, near, blaze up, burn out, incinerate, sear, ascend, go off, sunburn, arouse, to the ground, cauterize, climb, combust, glow, rise, give the sack, open fire, flame up, climb up, move up, dying, out, cauterise, force out, displace, go up, go out, enkindle, unlit, uprise, lift, elicit, terminate, singe, die, mount, approach, burn off, kindle, burn up, fire, torch, set light to something.