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Definition of cackle:

  1. Idle talk; silly prattle.
  2. The sharp broken noise made by a goose or by a hen that has laid an egg.
  3. To laugh with a broken noise, like the cackling of a hen or a goose; to giggle.
  4. To make a sharp, broken noise or cry, as a hen or goose does.
  5. To talk in a silly manner; to prattle.


chuckle, snicker, babble, snigger, yakety-yak, laughter, prattle, palaver, blurt out, twaddle, giggle, tattle, yack, yak, heehaw, die laughing, chatter, gossip, sounds, roll in the aisles, prate, blab, laugh, blurt, chattering, chat, guffaw, chortle, cachinnate, murmur, jabber, laugh, gabble, titter.

Usage examples: