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Definition of calculation:

  1. An expectation based on circumstances.
  2. The act or process, or the result, of calculating; computation; reckoning, estimate.


binomial, discretion, ciphering, deviation, prediction, scheming, reckoning, belief, carefulness, principle, computational, totaling, math, counting, fear, gingerliness, introspection, circumspection, commitment, prognosis, abacus, theory, slowness, care, concept, soul-searching, average, correction, figuring, computing, numbers, costing, philosophy, wariness, deliberateness, caution, computation, figures, computer science, addition, unhurriedness, reason, precaution, focus, countdown, decimal place, chariness, deliberation, numeration, number crunching, advisement, faith, divination, prudence, chariness, ideal, prognostication.

Usage examples: