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Definition of call for:

Synonyms for call for:

involve, bring in a verdict, guide, require, get, bring, contain, take, loom large, engage, intoxicate, contract, take up, rent, deal, consider, arrest, stop for, adopt, need, percolate, contend, exact, study, discover, gain vigor, get wind, look at, pull together, obtain, betoken, read, signify, hoard, fetch, select, see, imply, pack, amass, hire, come before, nab, take away, drive, signal, charter, garner, acquit, direct, ask for, gather up, collar, pick out, necessitate, uplift, pile up, catch, bar, be heading/headed for something, request, make, lift up, receive, peck, elate, gather, ask over, learn, affect, citation, pull in, lease, count, accept, get hold of, perk, call, go for, take aim, lie ahead/before/in store, take on, indicate, ask round, nail, remove, accumulate, turn around, award, command, lurk, threaten, demand, postulate, regard, ingest, bespeak, pick up, choose, dominate, deserve, annul, submit, figure, compile, occupy, admit, expect, summon, cop, take in, apprehend, want, charge, aim, matter, loom, film, invite, quest, come for, roll up, lie ahead, have, waiting to happen, train, subscribe, predominate, enquire, convey, shoot, point, use up, withdraw, bid, lie at the heart of something, subscribe to, posit, assume, acquittal, get word, conduct, await, perk up, strike, pay for, emphasize, lead, tempt, acquire, ask in, hear, claim, collect, hold, inquire, fill, ask, find out, get a line, consume, carry, bay.