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Definition of cam:

  1. A curved wedge, movable about an axis, used for forcing or clamping two pieces together.
  2. A projecting part of a wheel or other moving piece so shaped as to give alternate or variable motion to another piece against which it acts.
  3. A ridge or mound of earth.
  4. A turning or sliding piece which, by the shape of its periphery or face, or a groove in its surface, imparts variable or intermittent motion to, or receives such motion from, a rod, lever, or block brought into sliding or rolling contact with it.
  5. Crooked.


authentication, ancillary, ABEND, bucket, button, ball bearing, artificial intelligence, batch, carriage, access time, authoring, bearing, camshaft, alpha test, belt, chamber, AI, A-D conversion, background processing.

Usage examples: