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Definition of camera:

  1. A chamber, or instrument having a chamber. Specifically: The camera obscura when used in photography. See Camera, and obscura.


still, flash, aerial reconnaissance, point-and-shoot, photopitometer, photospectroscope, photochronograph, astrograph, camcorder, television, photographic telescope, spectrohelioscope motion-picture, iconoscope, autofocus, spectroscopic, x-ray machine, box, three-dimensional, zoom-lens, single-lens reflex, image orthicon, press, -mm, telescopic camera, cinecamera, camera lucida, electric eye, stereo, photogrammeter, -D, photomicrographic, spectrograph, spectroheliograph, phototheodolite, photostat, microcamera, movie, minicam, photographic camera, electron-diffraction, television camera, cinematograph, photomicroscope, TV, tv camera, double-lens reflex.

Usage examples: