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Definition of campaign:

  1. A connected series of military operations forming a distinct stage in a war; the time during which an army keeps the field.
  2. An open field; a large, open plain without considerable hills. SeeChampaign.
  3. Political operations preceding an election; a canvass.
  4. The period during which a blast furnace is continuously in operation.
  5. To serve in a campaign.


bowel movement, fight down, pass, urge, bid, streak, squeeze, event marketing, candidacy, round, defend, prevail on, beseech, promote, footrace, disenfranchise, move, scat, causal agency, ravel, assault, attack, social movement, take, encourage, running, compact, be given, effort, run, take to the woods, urge on, head for the hills, stir, entreat, trial, billing, labour, driving force, race, apparent motion, travail, persist, force, weigh, function, running play, crowd, feed, electioneering, hunting expedition, run away, pitched battle, labor, hunt down, iron, get in, reason, advertize, front, grounds, advertise, hunt, agitate, process, operate, weight-lift, fight, incline, disturb, incursion, blitz, running game, entice, mission, sweat, advertising, ply, range, stir up, apparent movement, foment, constrict, test, buzz, consort, rill, driveway, shake up, parkway, unravel, elect, shift, fight back, excite, execute, bm, track down, rivulet, exertion, endure, exhort, skirmish, advance poll, operation, vex, guide, crusade, dissuade, adspend, try, sweep to/from power, prod, by-election, turn on, runnel, movement, fly the coop, causal agent, tug, candidature, shake, take the field, motility, course, trail, melt down, extend, military campaign, compress, drift, escape, campaigning, die hard, scarper, prevail, contract, discharge, play, cause, streamlet, represent, budge, outpouring, endeavour, motivate, rouse, conjure, direct elections, push, lean, carry, lam, hold, foot race, bunk, go, election, thrust, elbow grease, affiliate marketing, attempt, bandwagon, convince, political campaign, persuade, branding, tend, safari, contend, direct mail, juggernaut, press, work, charge up, lawsuit, break away, trend, clickthrough, ladder, stand, adjure, drive, ride, series, charge, bleed, run for, action, bear on, case, stand for, press out, raise up, commove, iron out, tally, motion, spur, causa, chad, record, hightail it, lead, driving, oppose, melt, weightlift, beauty contest, suit, private road, charm offensive, study at battle, syndrome, turn tail, black market, draw, canvass, flow.

Usage examples: