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Definition of canton:

  1. A division of a shield occupying one third part of the chief, usually on the dexter side, formed by a perpendicular line from the top of the shield, meeting a horizontal line from the side.
  2. A small community or clan.
  3. A small portion; a division; a compartment.
  4. A small territorial district; esp. one of the twenty- two independent states which form the Swiss federal republic; in France, a subdivision of an arrondissement. See Arrondissement.
  5. A song or canto
  6. To allot separate quarters to, as to different parts or divisions of an army or body of troops.
  7. To divide into small parts or districts; to mark off or separate, as a distinct portion or division.


guangzhou, draw and quarter, ACT, Kwangchow, colonia, Cape Cod, the Corn Belt, commune, billet, Kuangchou, Costa, the Cotton Belt, draw, quarter, the Bible Belt.

Usage examples: