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Definition of capture:

  1. The act of seizing by force, or getting possession of by superior power or by stratagem; as, the capture of an enemy, a vessel, or a criminal.
  2. The securing of an object of strife or desire, as by the power of some attraction.
  3. The thing taken by force, surprise, or stratagem; a prize; prey.
  4. To seize or take possession of by force, surprise, or stratagem; to overcome and hold; to secure by effort.


grip, arrogate, overtake, set aside, stupefy, trip up, baffle, gravel, trance, let, become, enthral, glamour, magnetize, bewilder, beguile, puzzle, make prisoner, hold, engender, get under one's skin, nonplus, spellbind, come, jinx, set out, overhear, pick up, appropriate, attach, catch up with, grow, clutch, scram, ictus, cause, drive, stop, see, sustain, aim, contract, take over, enamour, arrive, begin, cop, stimulate, influence, seizure, witch, get down, usurp, ravish, induce, suppress, develop, get, start out, take prisoner, becharm, juggle, find, mesmerize, stick, pay off, enchant, prehend, restrain, sire, bring, take in, sequester, mother, transfix, mesmerise, entrance, go, get hold of, take into custody, bring forth, amaze, curb, detain, enthrall, delight, hitch, watch, beget, convey, fascinate, commence, flummox, experience, fix, nail, raptus, hex, bewitch, enamor, dumbfound, transport, allow, set about, pay back, father, reserve, buzz off, magnetise, hoodwink, captivate, earmark, vex, inhibit, have, draw, seize, take hold of, gaining control, suffer, conquer, view, pose, make, mystify, generate, stamp down, start, catch, intrigue, perplex, tempt, enrapture, produce, charm, bugger off.

Usage examples: