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Definition of carbohydrate:

  1. One of a group of compounds including the sugars, starches, and gums, which contain six ( or some multiple of six) carbon atoms, united with a variable number of hydrogen and oxygen atoms, but with the two latter always in proportion as to form water; as dextrose, C6H12O6.


moolah, dextrose, lettuce, kale, complex carbohydrate, bread, simoleons, lolly, shekels, sugar, monosaccharide, disaccharide, glycogen, lucre, scratch, pelf, lactose, loot, polysaccharide, glucose, dextrin, sucrose, gelt, dough, dinero, fructose, cellulose, clams, simple carbohydrate, refined sugar, boodle, galactose, wampum, carbs, saccharide, maltose, cabbage.

Usage examples: