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Definition of carry on:

Synonyms for carry on:

tumult, supervise, conserve, hold, keep, treat, take, sustain, behave, get by, air rage, defend, chaos, advance, sell, cope, impact, preserve, come to, come up, persist in, control, direct, relate, surrender, have-to doe with, distribute, stay the course, channel, extend, cheat, pass on, fulfil, administer, happen, accompanied baggage, convey, handle, allot, guide, go with, carryall, progress, retain, airline, muddle, keep up, manage, care, operate, manifest, come about, obey, farce, acquit, divvy up, address, support, get on, endure, lead, oversee, portmanteau, look at, refrain, flow, circus, rigamarole, raise hell, make do, bear, date, come on, cohabit, follow through, move, bear upon, run, aerial, march on, act out, press, protect, concern, dally with, guard, maintain, bear on, regulate, pertain, cover, transmit, go on, walk on, remain, achieve, share, persist, deal, steward, stay on, give away, tend, baggage storage, forge ahead, misbehave, proceed, engage in, baggage check, pass off, fall out, dish out, three-ring circus, raise Cain, uphold, dispense, trade, rage, refer, show, air mile, parcel out, court, make no secret of something, withhold, apportion, move on, persevere, touch on, voice, hap, grapple, continue, take place, mete out, portion out, stay, airfare, superintend, display, conduct, restrain, observe, suitcase, go together, baggage allowance, head, act up, airlink, go, keep going, detain, go out, mayhem, save, pass, lot, affect, overlook, push, disarray, celebrate, holdall, govern, comport, express yourself, keep on, dole out, go along, grip, handbag, carry, fool around, touch, wallet, deport, impart, shell out, go forward, occur, maelstrom, offer, plow, deal out, administrate, make out, press ahead, consider, preside, render, contend.