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Definition of cash:

  1. A Chinese coin.
  2. A place where money is kept, or where it is deposited and paid out; a money box.
  3. Immediate or prompt payment in current funds; as, to sell goods for cash; to make a reduction in price for cash.
  4. Ready money; especially, coin or specie; but also applied to bank notes, drafts, bonds, or any paper easily convertible into money
  5. To disband.
  6. To pay, or to receive, cash for; to exchange for money; as, cash a note or an order.


riches, supply, bills, brass, reserve, long green, payment, finances, property, principal, savings, pledge, reimbursement, remuneration, jack, gelt, refund, hard currency, moola, mazuma, pay, coin, lettuce, notes, cash in, specie, green, resources, cabbage, bail, immediate payment, security, hard cash, bread.

Usage examples: