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Definition of cashier:

  1. One who has charge of money; a cash keeper; the officer who has charge of the payments and receipts ( moneys, checks, notes), of a bank or a mercantile company.
  2. To dismiss or discard; to discharge; to dismiss with ignominy from military service or from an office or place of trust.
  3. To put away or reject; to disregard.


smash, terminate, destroy, ax, fracture, dismiss, vote counter, teller, give someone his or her walking papers, clerk, release, narrator, fire, sack, show someone the door, rupture, let go, crack, drop, burst, split, storyteller, pink-slip, give someone the pink slip, can, transgress, receiver, boot, bounce, demolish, bankrupt, give someone the gate, rive, sunder, rend, break, discharge, sever, give someone the ax, keep, shatter, bank clerk, shiver, crush.

Usage examples: