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Definition of casing:

  1. An inclosing frame; esp. the framework around a door or a window. See Case, n., 4.
  2. An outside covering, for protection or ornament, or to precent the radiation of heat.
  3. of Case
  4. of Cash
  5. The act or process of inclosing in, or covering with, a case or thin substance, as plaster, boards, etc.


grammatical case, pillow slip, causa, type, vitrine, typeface, cuticle, membrane, encasement, typesetter's case, event, housing, capsule, scale, compositor's case, font, fount, display case, pillowcase, cocoon, jacket, cause, cover, caseful, encasement, guinea pig, character, racing shell, shield, paint, lawsuit, suit, face, eggshell, showcase, instance, eccentric, subject, layer, pod, slip, surface, example.

Usage examples: