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Definition of catch up:

Synonyms for catch up:

inform, jump, fill in, ensnarl, tell, keep up, step on it, bedazzle, familiarize, outpace, rap, trap, arrest, ease off, chat, give it some gas, entrap, pick up speed, talk, wise, grip, advise, approach, clue, engross, entoil, brief, get along, fascinate, enthrall, recover, get into conversation (with someone), snare, fall into conversation, reach, involve, engage someone in conversation, bring up to date, ensnare, verse, forge ahead, hip, change for the better/worse, sharpen, clear, get on with, converse, mesmerize, accelerate, speed up, put your foot down, immerse, equal, pull ahead, pick up, catch, progress, intrigue, net, busy, enwrap, get ahead, mesh, instruct, quicken, advance, acquaint, absorb, bemuse, improve, hypnotize, spellbind, look up, interest, enchant, come a long way, apprise, break through, bedazzle, tangle, plod along, occupy, surprise, enmesh, pass the time of day (with someone).