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Definition of cease:

  1. Extinction.
  2. To be wanting; to fail; to pass away.
  3. To come to an end; to stop; to leave off or give over; to desist; as, the noise ceased.
  4. To put a stop to; to bring to an end.


waive, termination, retire from, forswear, cessation, block, bar, finish up, repudiate, deliver, sack, hold back, belay, stopping point, arrest, consummation, fall by the wayside, surcease, end up, wind up, part with, can, furlough, kibosh, desert, kick, drop out, send away, study at stop, eat up, cede, fetch up, break off, land up, cast off, continue, spare, forego, end of the line, conclusion, end, give the sack, depart from, retract, force out, forsake, dismiss, displace, give notice, throw in, allow, forgo, leave office, recant, step down, leave off, terminate, dispense with, take leave, give the axe, leave, release, stall, block up, check, lay off, turn back, foreswear, closing, stop over, contain, throw overboard, give up, hold on, finish, intercept, stop, blockade, chuck up the sponge, drop by the wayside, forfeit, terminus, fire, completion, block off, throw in the towel, quit, barricade, ending, period, abjure, closure, withdraw from, polish off, free.

Usage examples: